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spread the love!
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Since the death of the MM tracker, I've felt that fans needed a place to find things, get in touch with people, and generally have a way to share all the J-rock and Visual Kei media floating around their hard drives.

The rules of this community are very, very simple.

1. Do not be an ass.

2. No one is obligated to share with you. If you know someone has something you want, and they won't give it to you, tough. Do not complain that you can't get something, when you know others have it. Do not try to guilt anyone into sharing with you.

3. Do not annoy the people with the files. If you want something that someone has generously agreed to share, then be courteous to them. This is common sense.

4. If you take a file from someone you must offer something in exchange. Even if you don't have anything they want, at least extend the offer.

5. Do not request more than four files at a time, unless the other person offers to share more.

6. Place requests under a cut if they're long, with the general gist of the request in the title.

How it works: Make a request. If someone has it, they can leave some kind of contact information, and how to get in touch with them to share it. If they know where it IS, they can leave a link. Pretty simple. This is just a place to touch base.

I encourage requests on this community, since that's what it's about, but I ALSO encourage posts thanking nice file sharers. Just please...do NOT post things like "This person has a million files, and they sent them all to me." Because that person may not want to be hassled every day, with people expecting the same.